Yankees Lose Star Pitcher To Fractured Elbow: Fans React

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Michael King, one of the Yankees' best relievers, has fractured the elbow of his right pitching arm.

With this devastating injury, King will miss the remainder of the 2022 season.

The 27-year-old was in the middle of his best MLB season ever,

Recorded 6-3 on the back of a career-low 2.29 ERA and career-high 66 strikes.

He played 51.0 innings in 34 matches this season.

The MLB world took to Twitter to react to this disappointing news for the King and the Yankees.

"The news of Michael King is terrible.

Just heartbreaking for a guy with a breakout year.

Big opportunity for Ron Marinaccio and Clark Schmidt.

Not Erolides Chapman. This team will be ruined if he gets any big moment.

Walk him away," wrote Yankees analyst Eric Hobbs.

"Because of Michael King's injury, Jameson Tallon said it was a 'sober' Yankees clubhouse, despite the win.

Definitely felt the same way for me," reports Yankees insider Brian Hoch.

"Easily the worst day of the season.

Michael King has been a huge factor in this team's success and he's just like that out for the rest of the season. Feel f - awesome for that," wrote one fan.

"It's hard to quantify how big of a blow Michael King's injury is to the #Yankees.

Feel for King, who was in the middle of an incredible season, who has distinguished himself as one of the best relievers in MLB.

He should have made the All-Star Game too," said another.

Hopefully King is finally able to return to the stellar form he reached before suffering this devastating injury.