Wrestling World Reacts To Vince McMahon Payment News

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Amid the investigation into alleged sexual misconduct by former WWE CEO Vince McMahon,

WWE found that personal payments made by McMahon were "higher than previously reported."

World Wrestling Entertainment revealed that two additional amounts of $5 million were found on top of $14.6 million in "some payment".

McMahon created while serving as chairman; Bringing all of its off-the-book expenses back to $19.6 million by 2019.

Wrestling World Reacts To Vince McMahon Payment News

The wrestling world reacted to the news of the payment on social media.

"20 million dollars is a lot of money," replied one user.

"'First they come after the Supreme Leader

Trump, which we are not saying, was established,

But we are also saying that he was established.

Now they come after America's pastime ambassador,

Vince McMahon. Cancel Culture Run amok.

No one is safe. Defy the FBI and wake up WWE.' - Fox News, probably," tweeted Nick Mercadante.

"If they're accepting that they paid 19.6 mil, you can bet the actual number is much higher."

WWE also said that it would not be able to file its quarterly report this week due to McMahon's unforeseen amounts.