Wrestling World Reacts To Troubling CM Punk Situation

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CM Punk's return to pro wrestling was considered a game-changer for all parties.

Instead, his tenure with AEW has been full of controversies and headaches.

Punk is at the center of the latest AEW drama due to a backstage feud with Steele.

Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. He is expected to remain disciplined for his role in the matter.

As if things weren't bad enough, Punk is apparently battling an injury that would require surgery.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer, Punk was injured during the match against Jon Moxley.

Wrestling fans are deeply disappointed by the way Punk has had a bad time at AEW.

"No one has ever been sad," said Kazim Famuyde.

JDfromNY206 wrote, "It's unbelievably sad what this CM Punk has changed to move to AEW."

"It was supposed to be a career-defining moment for him and MJF, and it is fraught with hurt, drama and hypocrisy.

With his world title re-injured, a smaller role is best for him now."

Kelly Fuller of Romanticize Wrestling tweeted, "If CM Punk is fired,

Has there been a more disappointing and embarrassing return to wrestling than this?"

Meltzer said that Punk's injury would change the status of the AEW title.

We'll see if punk is still part of the big picture in AEW once the dust settles.