Woj: 1 Team 'Most Determined' To Trade For Kevin Durant

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One can assume that many NBA teams are highly interested in acquiring Kevin Durant.

Yet a squad is reportedly chasing the Brooklyn Nets star more aggressively than the pack.

On Tuesday's episode of NBA TODAY, via Basketball News' Evan Sidery,

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski said the Miami Heat are "most determined" to land Durant.

However, completing the deal will not be easy.

Woj doesn't believe there's any way to trade until Nets and Heat add one or two more teams to the transaction.

Brooklyn cannot acquire Bam Adebayo unless Ben Simmons is traded, as league rules prevent a team from rostering two players received with a specified rookie contract.

This makes it challenging to deal with a salary enough to go back to the net,

Especially since Durant will reportedly only want to play with the Heat if they retain Adabio, Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry.

According to Wojnarowski, Brooklyn's asking price remains "steep," so the Heat must also consider how much they can offer while maintaining a viable championship contender with Durant.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, preliminary talks between the Nets and the Heat were

"Hot and heavy." When Brooklyn was unhappy with his potential return, they faded a bit,

But the conversation continues.

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