Why NFL is insisting on banning Deshan Watson for at least one season

Image credit - nypost

Reports have surfaced that the NFL is seeking a significant suspension of Cleveland Browns defender Deshaun Watson .

A new report has revealed how long the suspension may be .

The NFL is seeking a " permanent " suspension for Watson ,

which lasts at least one season , according to Andrew Beaton of the Wall Street Journal .

The league is expected to issue a disciplinary hearing soon , possibly on the week of July 4th .

Watson will not accept such a suspension without a fight .

The report states that he and the NFLPA are preparing for a " vigorous fight " with such a suspension .

The unit believes it has " bad " evidence against Watson from 24 civil cases and other reported victims .

The league wants to introduce a tougher ban and wishes to do so permanently in the event of further revelations .

Watson and the NFL had discussions about the disciplinary decision ,

but those discussions split over the length of the suspension .

If the league does not take a suspension for less than a year , those negotiations will probably not go far .

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