What 12-Team College Football Playoff Would Have Looked Like Last Year

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On Friday, the Board of Managers of the College Football Playoff voted to expand the CFP to 12 teams.

As of now, this new format will be implemented in 2026.

The 12-team format will feature the six highest-ranked conference champions and six major teams.

Had the 2021 season adopted this playoff format, it would have made for a very interesting winter.

Last year, Alabama, Michigan, Georgia and Cincinnati made up the CFP.

The 12-team CFP for the 2021 season will allow Notre Dame, Ohio State, Baylor, Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Michigan State, Utah and Pitt to join in the fun.

Here's what the bracket would look like:

An argument could be made that it is unlikely that one of the lower seeds would participate in a national title game.

However, one cannot deny that it adds another layer of intrigue to the playoffs.

The CFP board will try to encourage the sport's commissioners to implement this 12-team format as early as 2024.

Regardless, it will go down as a momentous day in college football history.