Washington State Shocks No. 19 Wisconsin In Madison: Fans React

Image credit - Getty images.

The second week of the college football season has been full of shocking ups and downs.

On Saturday, unranked Washington State beat No. 19 Wisconsin 17-14 at Camp Randall Stadium -

Marking the Cougars' first win over a ranked rival since 2018.

The college football world took to Twitter to react to the upset.

"Washington State over Wisconsin in Madison, Best non-con win ever for Pac-12 team," wrote one fan.

"What a win for Washington State! Capturing Wisconsin on 14 points while only 2/11 in third place.

Dickert has a tough and physical team. Struggled today," added another.

It was one of three major college football upsets on Saturday. Number 8 Notre Dame fell at the hands of Marshal

And the No. 7 Texas A&M lost to Ape State—both in their home stadiums.

No. 1 Alabama avoided trouble at the hands of unranked Texas.

Washington State won today's game despite Wisconsin's 401 for a total of 253 yards.

There was also a large disparity in the timing of the Cougars' possession and matched the Badgers' three turnovers.

Wisconsin will return next weekend with a matchup against New Mexico State.