Video Of Klay Thompson At Dodgers Game Going Viral

Image credit - Getty images

Klay Thompson had some fun at a Giants-Dodgers game on Sunday afternoon.

Thompson was shown smashing a beer in a Giants broadcast as he was taking a video on his phone.

He devoured the cup in less than 10 seconds.

He potentially drank it fast as it was over 80 degrees outside Dodger Stadium.

Thompson is enjoying himself today - in addition to the Bears, his brother Treyce is also at 2-for-4 with two RBIs for the Dodgers--

and is having the time of his life after winning his fourth NBA Championship this season.

He played only 32 matches this season due to injuries but was dynamite while recovering.

He finished the season averaging 20 points and four rebounds per game, shooting 43% off the floor.

The party continues for Thompson as he chases down his fifth championship in the 2022-23 season.