Video: Craziest Fair Ball Of Minor League Season Tonight

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It's an old baseball adage that spectators will find something new to see in every game.

While that's not always the case, a minor league game provided a truly unusual play on Wednesday night.

During the Triple-A matchup between the Toledo Mud Hens and the Columbus Clippers,

One possibility hit a ball that had the appearance of a foul tip.

However, the ball fell directly into the dirt right in front of home plate.

Although it didn't even clear the batsman's box, it fell in fair territory.

Football is more commonly referred to as the game of inches, but it can often be applied to baseball.

For all those 400-foot blasts that have just been proven wrong,

The slightest contact somehow turned into a living ball.

Then again, it would have been much better for the batsman if he had gone as bad as thousands of equally tipped balls before.

Not that the catcher needs to go far to make a play.

The Mud Hens, an affiliate of the Detroit Tigers,

The Cleveland Guardians affiliate jumped out to a 3-0 lead on the back of an RBI single by top prospect Spencer Torkelson

which traveled more than an inch from the plate.