Tragedy Reportedly Strikes Family Of Floyd Mayweather's Girlfriend

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Tragedy has struck the family of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather's girlfriend.

According to TMZ Sports, a relative of Mayweather's girlfriend Jamie Lynn committed suicide earlier this week.

The suicide occurred in a Mayweather condo in Las Vegas.

Reportedly, the man was Lindenwood Lions football player Jarrett Johnson.

He was a former all-conference quarterback in high school who held several positions in college.

Mayweather and Johnson were close, however, and TMZ said Mayweather is believed to be "disturbed" by the news.

TMZ featured pictures of the two of them spending time together several times over the years,

Even attending a Miami Dolphins soccer game together.

According to TMZ, Johnson's body was discovered by a friend who came to the condo Monday afternoon (local time).

A friend called 9-1-1, but by the time help arrived, Johnson was gone.

Jarrett Johnson's entire family has been struggling for the past few years.

Jarrett's brother Justice died in 2019 at the age of 18.

Our condolences to the family of Floyd Mayweather and the family of Jarrett Johnson.