Tony Romo Has Honest Reaction To ESPN Signing Troy Aikman, Joe Buck

Before the NFL off-season, there was a major change in the world of sports media.

ESPN signed Joe Buck and Troy Ackman away from Fox to run its primary Monday Night Football broadcast.

Their alleged contracts rival those of top-paid professional athletes.

Meanwhile, Romo is still employed at CBS, having signed a 10-year, $180 million deal with the network a few years ago.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback shared his thoughts on Buck and Ackman's deal during an interview with The Big Lead this week.

"I think everyone in the industry supports each other," Romo told The Big Lead via Sports Illustrated.

"I mean for us, whenever someone makes money, it's a good thing.

It's like the players: Everyone thinks they're going to be upset, that's okay, when someone makes more money,

who is helping everyone.

And so, I think it's well deserved.

"I think there's a lot of talented play-by-play and analysts out there.

Troy and Joe, I'm really happy for them.

I think it's well deserved and I think it's a good thing, you know, for the industry as a whole. ,

Good to hear that there is no jealousy on Romeo's part.

After all, he is now making more money than he is playing professional football.