Todd Bowles Says He Knows When Tom Brady Will Be Back

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady's absence from training camp has been a hot topic of discussion in the NFL world.

Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles was noncommittal on Thursday when asked about a return date for Brady.

"We'll see," said Bowles. "We'll talk about it next week. Not worried about it right now.

We're trying to practice and play a game against Tennessee. I said 'sometime after Tennessee.'

There is no fixed date for me.

But we will investigate it, we will keep in touch and we will find out."

A day later, Bowles sang a different tune.

Bowles told reporters on Friday that he knew exactly when Brady would return to the team.

"I know exactly when Tom is coming back,

And I've said consistently that it will happen sometime after the Titans game."

Bowles said via the Tampa Bay Times.

Bowles said he was not concerned about Brady's condition.

"Am I worried about looks? I'm not worried, so I don't know why anyone else would be concerned."

It has been reported by several media outlets that Brady is away from the Buccaneers to take care of "private things".

.Hopefully, we'll get a definitive update on Brady after the second game of the Buccaneers of Precision.