Tim Anderson Suspended For Making Contact With Home Plate Umpire: Fans React

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Major League Baseball has decided to penalize Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson for contacting a home plate umpire this week.

Anderson has been hit with a three-game suspension for his actions.

He will appeal, which means he can continue to play until the appeal is decided.

NEWS: White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson has been suspended for 3 games after making contact with home plate umpire Nick Maherley in Friday night's game against Oakland.

He is appealing so that he can play till the hearing.

Anderson is in the lineup tonight," Jesse Rogers said.

"Tim Anderson was suspended three games on Friday for making helmet-to-hat contact with the home plate umpire and fined an undisclosed amount."

ESPN wrote

"I'm getting upset that the pitch was called a strike,

But Tim Anderson coming into contact with his helmet from the umpire will result in suspension," Josh Nelson said.

"Tim Anderson is out of the game after arguing this high strike call.

Um had UP on his face after Anderson was kicked out," wrote Zombies Media.

"Tim Anderson is going to get a longer suspension than any of the 2017 Astros because the umpire there can't say a zone.

Love this sports man," said the mayor of Section 509.

Players cannot contact the umpires; A rule is a rule.

Anderson will appeal, but Major League Baseball will likely uphold the decision.