The Pacers Are Reportedly Waiving 4 Players

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The Indiana Pacers on Thursday forgave several players after signing DeAndre Ayton on a record-setting offer sheet.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Ayton agreed to a four-year, $133M maximum deal with the Pacers.

Although Phoenix Suns has 48 hours to match the restricted free agent offer,

Indiana cleared the cap space to leave the door open.

Per Wojnarowski, the Pacers waived guard Duane Washington and extended Malik Fitts, Juwan Morgan and Nick Stauskas.

The last three players in the Malcolm Brogdon deal return to Indiana.

This leaves Aaron Nesmith and Daniel Theis in the Brogdon return from the Boston Celtics.

The Pacers appear to have stepped in to get a 2023 first-round pick and create more cap flexibility as they rebuild.

Neither of the three factored much into Indiana's future plans.

Fits had scored just 15 points in 28 minutes last season. Boston kept Morgan on the court for only four minutes during the regular season,

But he saw some garbage time in the playoffs.

This would mark the Stauskas' eighth NBA team debut since Indiana entered the league in 2014.

And he has also played in Spain and G-League.

Meanwhile, Washington saw significant playing time late in his rookie season.

The guard averaged 9.9 points per game and made seven starts for the Pacers.

Despite these moves, Wojnarowski said Sons hopes to match Ayton's offer sheet.