The Dolphins Signed A New Cornerback On Monday

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Most teams are focused on reducing their rosters from 90 to 85 before Tuesday's deadline.

However, an injury forced the Miami Dolphins to sign a new cornerback on Monday.

Miami put Trill Williams on injured reserve

After tearing his ACL, the cornerback was out for the second year in a row for the season.

The Dolphins filled their spot by signing former second-round pick Mackenzie Alexander.

Alexander spent the first four years of his NFL career with the Minnesota Vikings before joining the Cincinnati Bengals in 2020.

After making a career-high 10 starts with the Bengals, he rejoined the Vikings last season.

The Clemson alum has defended 201 tackles, three interceptions and 32 passes in 84 career games.

Miami also signed Niles Scott, a defensive tackle who hasn't played an NFL game since 2018.

He made four tackles in 46 defensive snaps for the Bengals.

Scott has been in several practice squads (Raiders, Titans, Patriots,

Seahawks) last year without seeing the field.