Texas Legend Vince Young Shares Interesting Tidbit About Arch Manning

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Typically, players of his caliber play immediately at the college level.

Will Texas give him that chance?

According to Longhorns legend Vince Young, Steve Sarkeesian is planning to redeploy Manning into the 2023 season rather than play immediately.

"I really feel like Arch has a great opportunity. One thing I keep hearing is he's going to redshirt."

He told ESPN's Keishon Johnson on First Take via On3. "It's going to help a lot, so you can understand how to travel with the team.

Get the feeling of the fans. University,” Young said.

"So, when you have those kinds of things and you take a year off like when I used to play with Coach [Mac] Brown, I redshirted.

And I think that redshirt year helped me figure out how to be a quarterback at the University of Texas.

And then what phase are you going through? Travel and stuff like that.

"So, if he does, I really feel like it would be nice for him to sit back,

And like learning and also get familiar with crime and things like that. Hopefully, if he does,

I think it's going to help him for the future."

You can watch Young's full interview with Johnson in the video below.

This means that Cirque and Longhorn are clearly planning on sticking to Quinn Ivers for a few years.

As such, Manning could spend his first time in college learning the playbook and getting a feel for the next level of football.

Texas Legend Vince Young Shares Interesting Tidbit About Arch Manning