The Houston Texans have settled more than two dozen civil court cases against all plaintiffs.

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He has since issued an official statement.

A joint statement from Texas owners Janice, Hannah and Cal McNair was shared with the media this afternoon.

In it, he expressed that he had no knowledge of former quarterback Deshan Watson's alleged misconduct while with the team.

Texas said the agreement and statement are not admissions of any wrongdoing.

He said this is part of his clear stand against any form of sexual harassment and misconduct.

"While our organization had no knowledge of Deshan Watson's alleged misconduct,

We have deliberately chosen to settle this matter amicably.

This is not an admission of wrongdoing,

Rather it has a clear stand against any form of sexual assault and misconduct."

In his first four seasons with the Houston Texans, Deshan Watson was on par to break the franchise's all-around passing record.

He made three Pro Bowls and led the NFL in the passing yards in 2020.

But he did not play the 2021 NFL season due to a dispute with the team in the 2021 off-season and allegations of assault.

The Texans have since traded Watson for a ransom to the Cleveland Browns for a King's draft pick.

Looks like all the parties are happy now.