Terry Bradshaw Reveals Who He Would Have Picked As Steelers Starting Quarterback

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Pittsburgh Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw appears on FS1's The Herd to preview Week 1 of the NFL season.

During Bradshaw's time on The Herd, he shared his honest thoughts on the Steelers' quarterback position.

Mitch Trubisky was recently named the starter of the team.

"I understand what Mike is going through. He signed Trubisky to be his starter," Bradshaw said.

"Now they wanted Pickett, but there was no guarantee they were going to get him.

Everyone was saying they were going to draft it, but it was as if the good lord looked at them and said,

'I'm saving her for you.' And they found him."

Bradshaw continued: "I think Mike Tomlin is honoring his commitment to bring him [Trubinsky] to know that the real starter is the kid."

In case it wasn't clear, Bradshaw would have named Kenny Pickett as the starting quarterback for the Steelers.

"I will say this: I must have started the picket, because I've already seen the other guys.

I know they can play well for a week or two and then we will see the other side.

..I would have started the baby and I don't make excuses for it."

Pickett was really quick in the preseason, completing 29 of 36 pass attempts for 261 yards and three touchdowns.

If Trubisky struggles at any point in this regular season, the Steelers could potentially hand Pickett the starting job.