Steve Sarkisian Makes Plan For Suspended Wide Receiver Clear

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Last week, Steve Sarkeesian and the Texas Longhorns announced they had suspended transfer wide receiver Aggie Hall.

According to multiple reports, Hall was arrested by the UT police last Thursday night on charges of criminal mischief.

The former four-star recruit had allegedly damaged the parking boot kept on his vehicle,

A Dodge Challenger.

It is unclear when Sarkeesian will welcome Hall to the team.

However, the Texas head football coach made it clear on Monday evening that he expects the transfer wide receiver to return to the team at some point.

"When the time is right, we'll bring him back to our team," Sark said in reference to the suspended WR Agye Hall.

He said that the suspension of the hall was on the basis of work. #HookEm," said Jeff Howe.

This is not the first time that Agiye Hall has been in negative limelight.

Hall infamously tweeted "Nah, calling it quits" after not being targeted at an SEC football game last year.

He later deleted the tweet. Then earlier this year,

Nick Saban suspended Hall for violating team rules.

The former top recruiter enrolled in the relocation portal before finding a new home in Austin.

Hall was projected to be a prominent member of the Texas crime scene this upcoming season,

But now it is not clear when he will join his team again.