Stephen A. Smith Was Asked To Name College Football's Best Rivalry

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The best college football rivalry between Stephen A. Smith and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo was up for debate in Wednesday's "First Take."

The pair spoke on "The Game" between Michigan and Ohio State, USC versus Notre Dame and the Iron Bowl,

But a disgusted Stephen A submitted that it could be none of the above.

"Where's a game in college football that you have to watch," Rousseau asked.

"I have to reel you in here, because your standards are a bit messed up.

It's theater, baby," replied Stephen A before nominating Alabama and Georgia.

"How about they are 2 of the top three programs in the nation," Smith explained.

"If I have an elite program, against another elite program, who don't like each other,

And determined to compete against each other, we're not waiting 5 years for a matchup."

The ESPN personality told Texas A&M. also released the idea of

And after Alabama's big win last season for the Aggies and all off-season between Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher.