Stephen A. Smith Names 'Worst' Athlete To Interview In Sports

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ESPN's Stephen A. Smith went on a rant about "the worst interview in the game" during this episode of First Take on Wednesday.

Smith revealed that he doesn't like the way Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott handles media questions.

Prescott said recently that he is "very optimistic" about the Cowboys coming this season.

That comment sparked Smith's latest sarcasm.

"Dack Prescott is the worst interview in the game," Smith said. "The most useless, wasted time interview in the game.

He says the same thing every year, no matter what's going on with the Cowboys.

'I have a lot of confidence in us, I think we will be great.' I have to say that he doesn't give any insight.

Smith was not done to put Prescott on blast.

"You're the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. When you talk about expectations, it's the same answer.

When you talk about hope, it's the same answer," Smith continued.

"That never changes. Talking to Dak Prescott is a competitive waste of time.

The most useless interview in sports is talking to Dak Prescott."

While Smith may not be a fan of Prescott's style,

The Cowboys have to love that their quarterback doesn't actually say anything controversial to the press.