Sports World Reacts To What Steph Curry Said About Trump

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Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry recently shared his thoughts on former President Donald Trump making a run for the White House in 2024.

"Take Trump seriously? Of course," Curry told Rolling Stone magazine.

Curry then commented on Trump's "divisive" tone. It is fair to say that the current Finals MVP is not much liked by the former President.

"Most of his rhetoric—before he became president, during his last four years, and even now, if he tries to run again—

The tone of partition has no place in our country."

"As serious and as loud as the threat that there is or whoever is running for office, there is the same urgency and emphasis that is needed on the other side." ,

.While this should come as no surprise, reactions to Curry's comments have been mixed. ,

This is not the first time Curry has been linked to Trump. back in 2017

Trump turned down his White House invitation for Curry.

"Going to the White House is supposed to be a huge honor for a championship team.

Stephen Curry is hesitant, so invitation has been withdrawn,” Trump tweeted.

Trump has yet to respond to Curry's latest comments, although it may be very soon.