Sports World Reacts To The Skip Bayless Wife News

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Even Skip Bayless's wife is outraged by what he said about Bronie James.

The Fox Sports 1 personality took to Twitter earlier this week to react to the viral sting of Bronie James.

Bayless appeared to criticize Bronie — which wasn't surprising, considering how much he hated LeBron —

But the media personality said that he is being praised.

Despite his true intentions, Bayless faced severe criticism for his tweets, including those from his wife Ernestine.

"I don't read my comments on Twitter," Bayless said. "So at the end of the night, Ernestine,

Joe's barely talking to me, thank you (hints at his co-host Shannon Sharpe) ... He said, 'You're torn to rip this poor kid.

You have to leave the child. ' And she was, as always, on LeBron's side and Bronie's side.

Skip Bayless's wife honors.

"Every man needs an Ernestine in his life," wrote one fan.

"The funniest part about Skip's life is that his own wife thinks Braun is the goat," wrote another fan.

"Even the wife got tired of the dumb crap," said one fan.

"His own wife is not checking him out and still leaves saying" He's almost 18! "" one fan added.

Do better next time, quit.