Sports World Reacts To The Joe Buck Hair News

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With the NFL season a little over a month away, ESPN's Joe Buck has got new hair plugs.

Buck shared photos from his latest operation on his Instagram account.

His post also included a funny caption.

"Training camp doesn't just start for players. New network, new systemic follicles," Buck wrote.

"Hello ESPN!!! Can't wait September 12th, and to get this green out of my hair.

I promise I'll look normal-ish by week 1. Oh and why four people for a head??? It's a big head."

For the most part, sports fans appreciate how honest Buck is about his latest hair transplant.

"It's fantastic, I really don't know why people hate this guy so much," said one fan.

"Smart. You come out and show it, people won't joke like they would if he showed up out of nowhere with a head full of hair,"

Another fan tweeted.

Buck was Fox Sports' top play-by-play announcer for more than two decades.

Not only was he a big part of the network's NFL coverage, he called every World Series from 1996 to 2021.

Earlier this year, Buck signed a deal with ESPN.

He will call Monday Night Football games with legendary quarterback Troy Ackman.

Sports World Reacts To The Joe Buck Hair News