Skip Bayless Explains Viral Bronny James Tweet

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Skip Bayless continues to be ditched for what he tweeted about Bronie James earlier this week.

The 70-year-old sports analyst, reacting to Brawn's highlight-reel dunk, praised him for the impressive slam.

But he couldn't help but provide a little criticism.

"Hey, Bronie... Impressive.

But your dad would have dipped it with his left hand.

However, you definitely got away with it," he said.

Skip has been crushed on Twitter for tech.

The tweet has garnered 18 million impressions on the social-media platform,

And most have long been blasting the game analyst for his strange remarks.

Skip has since taken it upon himself to "break it down" in a new video:

"My Monday nights were strictly delivered with the feeling, 'Hey baby, you're on the verge of becoming something.

Now you have to take it to the next level," Skip explains.

OK then.

People took issue with Skip's tweet because, first of all, Bronie is 17 years old. another,

That was clearly not the intention of the skip; At least we think it wasn't.

But whenever someone criticizes a teenager it is usually not accepted very well.