Sean Payton Is Believed To Have Interest In 3 NFL Teams

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Shortly after the 2021 regular season ended, Sean Payton stepped down from his role as head coach of the Saints.

His future in the NFL is unclear at this time,

But it is clear that teams are interested in his services.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Chargers,

The Cowboys and Dolphins could "attract Peyton's interest" next season.

The Chargers, Cowboys and Dolphins aren't the only teams Peyton has been linked with in the past few months.

It was previously reported that the Panthers see Peyton as the "savior" of their franchise.

During Peyton's farewell press conference with the Saints,

He indicated that he may return to the shore at some point in the future.

"I just don't see that way," Peyton said via

"At some point... I don't think I've finished coaching. But I was excited to get two or three calls and messages from people in the television industry."

If Payton wants to coach in 2023, the Saints will have to agree to a trade.

At a minimum, the Saints should receive a premium draft pick in exchange for Payton.

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