Sean McVay Announces 2 Notable Injuries For Rams

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The backfield of the Los Angeles Rams is currently not working at full capacity.

According to ESPN's Sarah Barshop, head coach Sean McVay said both Cam Akers and Darrell Henderson have been practicing with "soft tissue" issues.

They'll stay on edge until they're back in team practice at "full speed."

"The first goal for those people is to check the box on people like they can actually open," McVay said.

"No restrictions. I don't know if you feel really, really great running at any point, especially when running back,

But we want to be smart with it."

Despite tearing his ACL last summer, Akers surprisingly returned for the final game of the regular season.

He was not particularly effective in a major playoff role, hitting 172 rushing yards on 67 carries.

Akers was far more productive last post season, scoring 221 rushing yards and two touchdowns in two games.

Looks like the performance prepared him for a special role in 2021 before his injury.

Acres stole the spotlight from Henderson in late 2020,

Who saw more work in a dozen games last season.

Henderson covered 864 yards from scrimmages and eight touchdowns.

However, he played only three of his final 10 games, recording 43 receiving yards in the Super Bowl that saw his first playoff action.

Last season's key player Soni Mitchell is no longer in the team.

This leaves Jake Funk as a potential third-string back in the seventh round of 2021,

But if Akers and/or Henderson aren't ready to start the season, the Rams will probably seek outside help.