Seahawks Wideout Reveals If He Sees Leader At Quarterback

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less than three weeks before the start of the regular season,

The Seattle Seahawks have not named a starting quarterback.

On Wednesday, a reporter asked wide receiver D'Escridge for his insights on the fight under center.

He surprisingly responded with a diplomatic rather than favoring Geno Smith or Drew Locke.

"Both guys are doing a great job," said Eskridge (Mike Florio of H/T Pro Football Talk).

"Both of his leadership skills are great, and obviously he's handling his business on the field,

So it's an interesting race. But I'm after both of those guys."

Locke was supposed to start last week's preseason game before contracting COVID-19.

Head coach Pete Carroll revealed that Smith will begin the final exhibition match against the Dallas Cowboys on Friday,

But the lock will see a significant amount of time to play.

It's been a while since Carroll hasn't felt any uncertainty about how to enter his opening quarter in the season.

The Seahawks acquired Locke from the Denver Broncos while trading long-time franchise cornerstone Russell Wilson,

But Smith is more familiar with the offense after replacing an injured Wilson last year.

Escridge will try to get more opportunities from whichever quarterback leaves camp with the starting job.

The second-round pick caught 10 of 20 goals for 64 yards in his rookie year.

Neither Smith nor Locke seems likely a long-term solution for the Seahawks,

Joe is set to consider 2022 as a Reconstruction year without Wilson.