Ryan Day Very Impressed By Ohio State 5-Star Freshman

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There are 23 days left before the Ohio State Bucks welcome Notre Dame to Columbus for the 2022 season opener.

For Buckeyes head coach Ryan Day, a new player is taking a big step toward a bigger role in that game.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Dey spoke about the renewed security, Sonny Styles,

who reclassified to 2022 to join the Buckeyes this year.

Styles is one of the youngest players on the team - but he's playing above it right now.

"For someone who should have just been in high school, he's doing great...

He has a great look in his eyes and is off to a great start," Day said.

Freshman Safety was a five-star prospect and the number 12 prospect in the class of 2022 by 247Sports.

He was the No. 1 safety in the nation and the No. 2 prospect from Ohio State.

He clearly didn't want to wait another year to go to college and didn't even have to wait that long to get on the field.

Ohio State has developed a number of great defensive backs in recent years, but rarely in defense.

With the size and pace of Sunny Styles, he could be an impressive player in the position -

And a nightmare for opponents - for a very long time.

Will Styles be Ohio State's breakout freshman this coming season?