Ryan Day Explains His Ideal Traits For Quarterback Recruits

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Ryan Day has excelled at developing a quarterback.

Since he took over as Ohio State's head coach, all three of Day's starting quarterbacks (Dwayne Haskins, Justin Fields, C.

Stroud is poised to become the third first-round NFL pick of that trio next year.

Seeing his success at the position, Cleveland's Stephen Means examines what the quarterback looks for when evaluating recruits.

Day said his first step is to identify the physical traits: size, speed and precision.

Means notes that each quarterback Day recruit is at least 6-foot-2 and ultimately weighs at least 215 after working with the team's strength and conditioning staff.

"Then the next thing you're looking at is spatial intelligence

and spatial awareness in terms of accuracy,” Day said.

“Understanding body language. Having some awareness and being able to see certain things.”

He explained that some passersby are "like carnival quarterbacks." While many passersby can throw the ball through the tire,

He needs someone who can respond when "things start moving." ... the day seeks the intangible again,

It involves how a person reacts to adversity.

"Certainly the leadership and the way they carry themselves is very important," Day said.

"Then the ability to use mistakes as feedback to learn because you're about to fail.

This game and quarterback play continues to fail.

But if you can learn from those mistakes and keep growing and have a growth mindset that gives you a chance to move forward

While it is not so easy to determine when recruiting, it ultimately determines whether a passerby can stand in the pocket and take a hit.

Four-star 2023 recruit Brock Glenn from Memphis must have checked all the boxes before accepting Ohio State's scholarship offer.

Devin Brown will join the Buckeyes this year.

He or former Five Star recruit Kyle McCord could take over for Stroud next year if Star Junior turns pro.