Russell Wilson 'Taking The Night Off' In Preseason Opener: Fans React

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Sometimes, even the most experienced quarterback players play in the preseason if they are playing for a new team.

However, Russell Wilson is "taking the night off."

Wilson was fit in the pads and even heated up tonight in the Broncos' preseason opener versus the Dallas Cowboys.

Unfortunately, that was the last time we saw him.

The veteran quarterback is taking a night off.

An unfortunate development for those hoping to see Wilson throw his first pass in a Broncos uniform.

Meanwhile in Denver: Russell Wilson is taking the night off, not playing at home versus Dallas in the Broncos' first preseason game tonight.

It's not like there's QB competition to settle in Denver," said Greg Bell.

It's little surprise that Russell Wilson didn't want to play a series or two with his new teammates.

Hopefully he'll attend at some point during the preseason.

"Drew Locke will never close the night," wrote one fan.

"Haha! True," commented another fan. "Do you think he'll take a picture at the preseason?"

Josh Johnson replaced Wilson for the Broncos.

Catch the Broncos-Cowboys Preseason Game on NFL Network right now.