Rex Ryan Reveals His Pick Between Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes

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Former NFL Head Coach Rex Ryan (Wisely) Stopped Coaching Before Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

And Josh Allen entered the league.

But he still has his own preference as to who he will coach against.

Ex-Jets Appearing on "The Dan Patrick Show"

And the head coach of the Bills said he would love to coach against Mahomes.

He explained that Alan is better in the Red Zone.

Ryan built his bones as a defensive coach,

But the end of the 2016 season saw the end of his coaching career at Buffalo.

About 18 months later, the Bills drafted Josh Allen and oversaw his development into one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

But Patrick Mahomes is also regarded as one of the best young quarterbacks of this generation.

And unlike Allen, he already has the hardware and accolades.

NFL fans aren't convinced there's a "right answer" to the question Ryan was asked.

One Twitter user said, "They are both playing Centaur QB. They are both straight mythical creatures and we are lucky to see them play."

"I mean this is a pick your poison, I don't think there is a right answer," wrote another.

"'Ah yes. I would train more against this mythical creature in QB than other mythical creature in QB.'

Throw Lamar here too because there's no right answer," suggested a third.

Chances are, Rex Ryan would have struggled to coach against either of those two quarterbacks.