Report: NBA Owner Has Been Fined $500,000 For Comments

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Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob reportedly fined $500,000 for his recent comments

The league's collective bargaining talks, according to ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski.

During a recent appearance on the Point Forward podcast with Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner,

Lacob called the NBA's luxury tax system "very unfair."

The league prohibits owners and team officials from engaging in "unauthorized communication regarding collective bargaining".

The Warriors paid an NBA record $170 million in luxury taxes and $346 million in total payroll this past season,

Per NBC Sports. Lakob thinks his team was at this time "incredibly punitive" because of the luxury tax.

See Lacob's full statement on the matter:

The league's new collective bargaining agreement could potentially include more rules for teams such as

Warriors who are well above the luxury tax.

But for now, the Golden State will continue to benefit from

An owner who is willing to spend money to remain in the NBA elite.