Report: 'Major' Cast Shakeup Coming At Fox Sports

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Fox Sports is reportedly changing the cast of its biggest studio show.

According to Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports, the cable network is planning to pair Joy Taylor and Emmanuel Ecko for a national afternoon show.

Jason McIntyre is in line to replace Taylor as co-host on "The Heard with Colin Cowherd."

Taylor, who debuted as a moderator on "Undisputed" in 2016, replaced Christine Leigh as Cowherd's co-host in 2018.

She also operates her own weekend radio show and the "Mayb I'm Crazy" podcast.

Acho, an ex-NFL linebacker, joined Fox Sports in 2020.

He currently hosts "Speak for Yourself" with Marcellus Ville.

The New York Post's Ryan Glaspiegel reported last month that the former defensive end's future with Fox Sports is "up in the air" as he plans to skip the afternoon show.

McCarthy speculates that if Willie stays at Fox he may transition into the role of a football analyst.

The network's interest in associating Taylor with Echo was also mentioned in a previous report by Glasspeagle.

Fox Sports is reportedly looking to add a third member,

LeCine McCoy, along with former running back, was considered a "favourite" to appear on the football-focused show.

Other changes may abound. WFAN's Craig Carton is getting a morning show in the "First Things First" time slot.

As a result, Nick Wright, Chris Broussard,

And a new afternoon show is expected to transition between Kevin Wilds' "The Heard" and the new Taylor/Acho show.