Report: How Rams Are Handling Matthew Stafford's Injury

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It was reported this week that Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is dealing with "bad tendinitis" in his right elbow.

This caused a massive frenzy about his status for the regular season.

Rams head coach Sean McVay tried to quell speculation by issuing an update on his star quarterback.

"We're actually taking it a week at a time, a couple of weeks actually," McVay said.

"Don't expect him to do anything in these team settings for this block or the next three days, next week. Nothing has changed. ...

It's part of the plan that we think is in their best interest."

On Saturday, NFL Network's Tom Pellisero provided some context on how the Rams are handling Stafford's injury.

Pelicero announced that Stafford is taking the general rep through individual and 7-on-7 exercises this Saturday.

So, the rams aren't really limiting him, they're just managing his injury.

Judging by Pelissero's report, it seems likely that Stafford will not have limited reps if he is fit for practice.

Stafford may not be suitable for every exercise from here on out, however,

Which makes sense if Ram is "managing" his elbow.

Ram will begin his season on September 8 against the Buffalo Bills.