Report Gives Significant Reason Why UCLA Left Pac-12 For Big Ten

Image credit -Getty Images

The University of California, Los Angeles rocked the college sports world this week.

The Bruins are leaving the Pac-12 and moving to the Big Ten.

Money was a motivating factor in UCLA's decision. However, it is not just a matter of greed; This is one of the necessity.

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, UCLA was eyeing the possibility of cutting nearly half of its sporting schedules.

The Bruins were running out of money, and fast. The Big Ten offered a lifeline and UCLA took it and ran with it,

Saving many of the university's sports teams in the process.

Now, thanks to the Big Ten, UCLA will be able to keep its Olympic Games.

This begs the question: Which other Pac-12 schools are struggling financially?

It's plausible that every program is other than Oregon and possibly Washington.

Maybe the Big Ten can extend a few more lifelines for the Pac-12 this off-season.

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