Report: FBI Reportedly Questioned Brett Favre Over Welfare Funds

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It's been nearly two years since Brett Favre first reported reports about a possible misuse of federal welfare funds for families in need.

But what was once a local story has now clearly involved the federal government.

In an interview with NBC News, Favre's attorney Bud Holmes revealed that Favre has been questioned by the FBI in an ongoing case involving tens of millions in missing welfare funds.

Favre has not been accused or charged with any crime.

The Hall of Fame quarterback reportedly received $1.1 million in funding for delivering a motivational speech, which an auditor determined Favre never made.

Favre himself denied that claim in a series of tweets last year.

However, Favre eventually repaid the money owed him,

Though not with interest, he was asked to pay on top of it.

Brett Favre is not the only well-known name involved in this scandal involving the misuse of federal welfare funds.

Hall of Fame wrestler Ted DiBiase and former ESPN 30 football star Marcus Dupree have also been implicated on various charges of misappropriating more than $3.7 million in funds for 30 Fame.

It is a sad sight because some people who could have benefited much more than the direct benefit are left out in the cold.

Favre seems to be self-evident, but whenever the FBI gets involved it's always a little concerned.