Report: Bills Appear To Have Made Decision On Matt Araiza

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The writing is reportedly on the wall for Bill "Punt God" Matt Ariza.

According to the team's podcaster Ashley Petty, the legitimacy of Ariza's position is the only thing keeping her on the roster right now.

But his locker has been cleaned and his nameplate has been removed.

Ariza is mentioned in a lawsuit involving two former teammates from her San Diego State team, which states that the group gang-raped a woman when she was 17 years old.

Diary entries shared by his lawyer on Friday illustrate the graphic nature of the claims.

After releasing his veteran starter, Ariza was set to become the future Bill punter.

Head coach Sean McDermott talks seriousness of allegations after Friday night's preseason game

I understand that was a game just played,

But I want to talk about what's more important,

This is what's going on with a member of our team right now,

Matt Ariza's condition is extremely critical.

It's just tough going through and it's not a situation that I or we should take anything lightly, and it's very serious.

I understand the sensitivity of the situation, and it's clear that we have to work here to address that,

And we're going to do that.