Photos: Meet The Racing Star Becoming A Victoria's Secret Model

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Earlier Wednesday afternoon, ARCA Series driver Tony Breedinger announced that he is the newest addition to the Victoria's Secret family.

"Little I'm crying," Breedinger wrote.

"Growing up I struggled a lot with body confidence. This past year I focused my mental and physical health on appearance.

I am honored to be a part of the @victoriassecret family.

Thank you for making me feel confident in my own skin!"

The 23-year-old driver told The Spoon earlier this summer how he got his start in racing.

"The racing was honestly random to me," she said.

"My father was driving down the highway on his way to work and saw a sign for go-kart classes.

She thought it would be fun for me and my twin sister, Annie, to attend those classes.

Before that idea we really had no motivation to drive it. we both ended up loving it

And wanted to keep doing it. Starting off, it was just a random thing I got into.

It wasn't like I had any special inspiration as a child."

Racing may be random for Tony, but she's taken to it very well.

He is currently ranked fifth in the ARCA Mernards Series standings for the 2022 season.

The breeder is making a mark in the sport.