Photos: Meet The Ex-Husband Of Racing Legend Danica Patrick

Image credit -Getty Images

Racing legend Danica Patrick is enjoying a single life these days.

After breaking up with longtime boyfriend Carter Comstock,

Whom she dated after seeing Aaron Rodgers.

"It's cool," Patrick told Fox of being single. "I feel like I'm 40 and single...

I was in a loving relationship for a year and it ended in January,

At the beginning of the year. Stepping into my next decade alone was like, wow, okay. That kid can steer a ship.

I don't have any birthday plans right now because I am suddenly lonely now."

"Some of them were kind of sad feelings.

But I also like to be comfortable and spend time with my girlfriends and go on trips.

My life is like a puzzle these days in that I am [together] taking work trips and sports trips.

So I'm going to focus on that. And when the right man comes along, I'll know."

But Patrick has had some notable relationships over the years, including a marriage.

Danica was married to Paul Edward Hospenthal in 2005-13.

After a decade of marriage, the couple got divorced. Danica and Paul reportedly met in connection with work.

He worked in physical therapy, where he met Danica.

They got divorced in 2013.

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