Phil Knight Reportedly Cold Calling Other Conferences: Fans React

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The University of Oregon - along with the rest of the Pac-12 - was blindsided by the departure of USC and UCLA's Big Ten.

Phil Knight is reportedly working hard to make sure the Ducks are ahead of the curve this time around.

Unfortunately, it may be too late.

Dennis Dodd, per CBS Sports, is "cold calling" the other conventions in search of a lifeline to save Knight Oregon from the Pac-12.

When the Nike co-founder is "working on the phone," you know the ducks are probably in trouble.

The college football I loved is dying," said one fan.

If ESPN and Fox are going to get involved, why not Nike," commented another fan.

This is where it gets crazy and scary. 'When #B1G and #SEC get their playoffs.

Who wants that? Answer: None. For years, people have asked for an extension to @CFBPlayoff because they are tired of seeing the same team over and over again.

They don't want contractions," wrote one fan.

Controlling/shaping CFB conventions is probably not the best thing for media companies

They like and use convention commissioners/aids/presidents to do their bidding for money.

CFB is not about the markets at its core; It's all about the teams, traditions and rivalry," tweeted a fan.

USC and UCLA begged to join B1G. B1G wanted

their market! USC and UCLA have done nothing but reduce the value of that market

Last 12-15 years. You know, B1G is driven a dozen times a year in LA to play with their teams and win in that market," said one fan.

If Phil Knight can't save Oregon, no one can.

Who knows? Maybe the Duck mega-booster up its sleeve isn't revealed yet.

For now though, the University of Oregon is in limbo.

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