Paul Finebaum Is Calling For A Blockbuster Coaching Change

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Few college basketball coaches, if any at this point, are more synonymous with Kentucky than their school with Kentucky.

The longtime college basketball coach has been with the Wildcats for over a decade,

Led the program to a national championship in 2012.

But is it time for a change?

Paul Feinbaum seems to think so.

The ESPN analyst, in the wake of the Coach Cal vs. Mark Stoops controversy, thinks the UK can do better.

"This is the biggest story in the SEC right now because it came out of left field.

And it came at a time when we should have celebrated Kentucky basketball.

They had the stage, four days in the Bahamas and Calipari blew it.

To be honest I don't know where he goes to get it back. Just by listening to our audience,

And we have a lot of Kentucky fans who call in, they're very mixed on that right now," Feinbaum said Monday.

"I mean are you guys telling me you can't get a better coach than John Calipari right now? Billy Donovan? I'm just throwing a name in there.

Paul Finebaum Is Calling For A BlockA youth coach who is emerging? take your pick.buster Coaching Change

John Calipari isn't really the best choice for the University of Kentucky anymore."

It's hard to see Kentucky making change voluntarily,

But maybe Coach Cal will force his hand and leave for the NBA at some point.