Oregon Makes Official Starting Quarterback Decision Following Blowout Loss To Georgia

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Oregon quarterback Bo Knicks fought hard in his first game with the Ducks on Saturday.

Former Auburn QB failed to throw a single touchdown

and saw two interceptions in a brutal 49-3 loss to the No. 3 Georgia Bulldogs.

First-year head coach Dan Lanning addressed the Knicks' struggles after the game,

But shared his continued commitment to early signal callers.

"Bo is our quarterback," he said.

The Knicks collected 137 yards, zero touchdowns, and two interceptions on 21/37 against an elite Georgia defensive unit.

He also hit a four in a team-high 37 rushing yards on eight carries.

The Auburn transfer was thrown under fire for, as hard as you can get, an early game.

Next weekend, the 22-year-old QB will get a more welcome matchup with a home contest against East Washington.

Can Lanning and the Knicks turn things around after this disastrous start?