Ohio State Students Asked How They Think "True Freshman Running Back Lee Corso" Will Do This Season

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ESPN's College Gameday will be in Columbus this Saturday to preview an interesting matchup between Notre Dane and Ohio State.

In honor of this weekend's top five matchups,

Ohio State basketball player Jimmy Sotos conducts interviews with students on campus.

However, there is a catch in this video.

Soto asked the students to share their thoughts on Ohio State's newest player, Lee Corso.

Of course, the Corso isn't really a good fit for Buckeyes.

Nonetheless, the answer to Sotos' question was hilarious.

"He's about to be straightened out," replied one fan.

"I have high hopes for this man," replied another fan.

The last fan interviewed in the video didn't get into the joke.

They knew exactly who Le Corso was.

The 87-year-old Corso has been an important part of college gamedays since the show's debut in 1987.

We'd imagine Corso is fired for this Saturday's game. after all,

He has a long history with Brutus Buckeye.