No. 1 Women's Tennis Player Has 1 Major Problem With US Open

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With the US Open starting later this month, world No. 1 Inga Swietake expressed her disappointment with the balls used in the final Grand Slam tournament of the season.

During the press conference on Wednesday, Sweetek asked why men?

And women are using different balls at the US Open.

Sweetek believes the US Open should use the same number of balls for all players.

"I don't know why they are different than men," Sweetek said via ESPN.

"I don't know, like, 15 years ago maybe women got elbow injuries because the balls were heavy

And they turned them into women's balls,

But right now we are so physically prepared that I don't think that will happen.

Plus, we can't get those balls in Europe, or in fact, when we buy them at the store,

They're completely different from tournament balls, so when I'm practicing at home [in Poland] with US Open balls, I'm practicing with men.

"I think, [women's balls] are really hard to control, but everyone has the same conditions, so that's what we're trying to deal with.

I don't know why they're different, honestly."

World number four Paula Badosa came out in support of Sweetek.

"Very agree," said Badosa.

"Very unfavorable conditions for players and spectacle."

The US Open is the only Grand Slam tournament that does not use the same ball for all players.

The 2022 US Open will run from August 29 to September 11.