NFL World Reacts To What Richard Sherman Did Sunday

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One of the reasons why Russell Wilson reportedly wanted out of Seattle is because he wanted to cook;

He wanted more aggressive input and the ball in his hands.

Never one to hold his tongue, former teammate Richard Sherman sent a thinly-veiled shot into Wilson's way after Russell struggled out of the gate in Week 2.

The NFL world reacted to Shame's tweet on Sunday.

One sports cartoonist replied, "I'll never get tired of crap on Richard Sherman's juice."

"Russ lives so fare-free in Sherman's head that it's honestly sad," said another.

"Dude can't go a day without talking about juice."

"It's weird but also really weird how much old Seahawks players hate juice," tweeted another.

"small!" Laughed Matthew J. lenix.

"Getting weird at this point..." commented Trammel Rags.

Nothing to hate about Wilson's advancing touchdown pass in the fourth quarter...