NFL World Reacts To What Erin Andrews Said About Tom Brady

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Erin Andrews has been around a lot of professional athletes during her career.

Few, if any, have smelled better than Tom Brady.

The longtime Fox Sports sideline reporter admitted that Brady smells phenomenal,

Even her husband Jarrett Stoll had a comment about it.

To say this about Tom, knowing Tom on and off the field,

Man always smells great," Andrews admitted during an appearance on Renée Paquette's "Session" podcast.

Even Andrews' former professional athlete husband,

Anyone who played in the NHL wanted to smell like a quarterback.

"I can say that because my husband is always like, 'Did you smell this guy,'" Erin Andrews said of her husband.

"He changes his cologne, and I know this because it's always like 'Hey, can you find out what Tom's wearing?'

Because it turns into a stocking stuffer for my husband. ,

You know you smell good when someone else is jealous.

Andrews wrote, "Boy smells Fantastic! But does that really shock you?? Loved it."

"Hahaha I honestly would be very disappointed if that didn't smell incredible!

The honor of catching a jerk!" Renee wrote.

"Does that smell better than a new Infiniti? I don't think you can beat the smell of a new car," thought one fan.

"If I bought it for my husband he would refuse to wear it.

He seriously deserves a hater but Tom's my fantasy QB every year!" joked one fan.

Tom Brady would like to continue smelling good this weekend