NFL World Reacts To The Aaron Rodgers Family News

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Aaron Rodgers has been estranged from his close family for many years, originating from his relationship with Olivia Munn.

According to the reports, if not fast.

It is unclear what exactly caused the friction between Rodgers and his parents and siblings,

NFL World Reacts To The AaAlthough it became the main story early in his career.ron Rodgers Family News

Rodgers' younger brother, Jordan, had a public spat during his time on The Bachelorette.

Now, Rodgers opens by admitting that he wants to settle his feud with his family one day.

"I believe in healing and I believe in the possibility of reconciliation on many points,"

said Rodgers on "Aubrey Marcus Podcast" this week.

"But, it is a different journey for all of us, and to judge outside of what is or should be,

Or who's wrong or who's right it's just a game I never want to play and still don't want to play. ,

"The most important thing to me is love and deep gratitude for them, and for the lessons I've learned,

And that's the way I grew up, and look forward to the future," he said.

"But who knows what the future is like, when it will be seen, when the time will come."

Hope this happens. Life is too short.

"He's better off doing it as soon as possible.

Nothing small is happening," tweeted one fan.

"About time," added another fan.

"They have to fix it, it can't be as bad as the Geese," added one fan on social media.

Rodgers came from another MVP season at Green Bay,

Although the Packers failed, they lost in the division round.

The 2022 season will start in a few weeks.