NFL World Reacts To Roger Goodell, Deshaun Watson Report

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Deshan Watson will start the NFL 2022 season with a six-match suspension—at least for now.

According to NFL Insider Aaron Wilson, the league's sources

And legal experts believe the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell will appeal to "substantially increase" Watson's sentence.

Wilson said the NFL's appeal could come in the next three days.

On Monday, Judge Sue L. Robinson revealed the suspension of six Watson matches with a 16-page lengthy decision.

An NFL disciplinary officer appointed simultaneously found that the 26-year-old quarterback violated the league's individual behavior policy.

When he collected 24 civil cases of alleged violations.

The NFL world took to Twitter to react to the news.

"Roger Goodell w very rare," wrote one fan.

"I bet 12. For the NFL they can say 'We set a new precedent and doubled the Big Ben incident.'"

The sad part is that they will consider it a victory, although everything about it has never happened before and he is in jail," added another.

"Apart from all the opinions about Watson, this is a very interesting position.

The NFL hired an independent third party *first* rather than letting the independent person be the last word.

In addition to a relatively mild Watson suspension, he also received a zero monetary punishment.

Wilson believes the quarterback could get 4-6 more games and be in a "multi-million dollar fine".

What kind of punishment do you think Watson deserves?