NFL World Reacts To Michael Irvin's "Sleeper" Team

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Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irwin is never afraid to be bold with his predictions.

But a "sleeper" Super Bowl competitive team they've identified has left a lot of fans stunned.

In Monday's edition of ESPN's First Take, Irvine, Stephen A. Smith and Dan Orlowski were asked to deliver their sleeper Super Bowl teams.

Smith and Orlowski picked the Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins, respectively.

But Irvine chose the Philadelphia Eagles as his sleeper team.

He acknowledged that choosing him was "sacred", but firmly believes that the Eagles are on the verge of forming a dynasty.

As you can imagine, Eagles fans devoured it while Cowboys fans despised it.

You can tell by commenting who thinks about Irwin's statement -

And these are some more PG responses:

There is no love lost between Michael Irwin and the Philadelphia Eagles.

There's no end to the Dallas Cowboys' grief over Irwin's Hall of Fame career in The Eagles.

But it's a whole lot of business and Irwin likes what his former rivals are doing.

That doesn't mean everyone agrees with him.

Stephen A. Smith and Dan Orlowski originally dismissed Irwin as insane because they said the Eagles were a Super Bowl sleeper team.

Do You Agree with Michael Irwin's Hot Takes? Are the Eagles a Super Bowl Team?